Kumkum Bhagya spoiler alert: Sanju confesses his crime in front of Ranbir and Abhi

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Kumkum Bhagya the popular Zee TV show produced by Balaji Telefilms has kept the viewers on the edge of their couch by bringing forth some unpredictable twists and turns with every episode.

According to the storyline, Sanju (Manmohan Tiwari) gets angry with Aaliya and Rhea as they get her lover Prachi in trouble. He plans to save Prachi. However, before he could save Prachi, Ranbir (Krishna Kaul) proves Prachi’s innocence. He gets the money from the real thief and proves Prachi innocent.

Now, in the coming episode, Sanju plots a new plan against Aaliya to save himself. However, he gets caught by Ranbir and Abhi, he also confesses his crime. Later, he fools the two and manages to escape but the police seize his phone.

Will they find the real culprit behind all this drama?

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