Kapil Sharma Show episode LIVE UPDATES: Sonu Sood is here!

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The Kapil Sharma Show The Kapil Sharma Show live updates: The Kapil Sharma Show is airing on Sony TV.

The Kapil Sharma Show has returned on television with new episodes after months of repeat telecasts. The first episode features Sonu Sood. The Bollywood actor has earned praise for helping many stranded migrants reach their home states during the lockdown.

Kapil Sharma shared a promo of the show on his Twitter handles. He wrote in the caption, “Don’t miss the first episode of #TKSS after a long break with the Hero of #2020 @SonuSood paji 👏 tomorrow 9:30 pm @SonyTV #TheKapilSharmaShow stay safe 🙏.”

Apart from Kapil, Sumona Chakravarti, Archana Puran Singh, Kiku Sharda, Bharti Singh, Krushna Abhishek and others are also part of The Kapil Sharma Show. Instead of an audience, there will be cardboard cutouts of people in the show.

New episodes of The Kapil Sharma Show will air at 9:30 pm every Saturday and Sunday. The show will air, as always, on Sony TV. In case you are not able to watch the show at its stipulated time, the episodes will be available on Sony’s streaming service SonyLIV or its app.

Sonu Sood has a lot more to share with the audience. The actor will be back on The Kapil Sharma Show in tomorrow’s episode. Stay tuned to this blog for all the updates.

Kapil Sharma asked Sonu Sood how did he come up with the idea of helping migrants. The actor said, “I was distributing food with a friend and happened to talk to a family which was travelling on foot with their children. That is when I requested them to stay back for two days and promised them that I would arrange for all the necessary permissions and make sure they reach home safely. So, that is how all of it began.”

Sharing how he came up with the idea of developing Pravasi Rojgar app, Sonu Sood said, “When I used to meet people while they were leaving for their homes, I used to ask them if they will come back and they used to say they will return if they find a suitable job.” The actor shared that through this app, he plans to help people find a suitable job in various sectors including construction, apparel, healthcare, engineering, BPOs, security, automobile, e-commerce and logistics. Support centres, with a 24-hour helpline, have been set up to help those who are not well versed with technology.

Kapil Sharma shows a clip where people share how they could go back to their homes only because of Sonu Sood. The actor is seen in tears as people shower him with all the love and blessings.

Talking about all the work he has been doing during the lockdown to send migrants to their home states, Sonu Sood shared, “I have experienced the utmost happiness in the last 100-125 days. I think this is the best character I have played in my life.” Archana Puran Singh addresses him as the “real-life hero.”

Kapil Sharma introduces Sonu Sood as not only a good actor but also an amazing human being. He addresses him as the “messiah” of poor people and asks everyone to give the actor a loud round of applause.

Rajiv Thakur requests Kapil Sharma to hire him in place of Chandan Prabhakar. Rajiv says, “Like Chandan, I also hardly know anything. So, like you waste the channel’s money on him, waste it on me now.” Krushna and Rajiv indulge in a banter remembering their days together on TV reality show Comedy Circus which was judged by Archana Puran Singh.

Kapil Sharma tells his team that they have to do all the work themselves as there are no spot boys to help them. Rajiv Thakur enters the stage mimicking Chandan Prabhakar who could not join the show as he is not in the city. Krushna, Bharti, Sumona and Kapil welcome Rajiv in their own unique way.

Kapil Sharma sweeps the floor and says he has become so accustomed to cleaning the house that he even cleaned the roads while coming to the set. When Kiku Sharda requests Kapil to resume the show, Kapil takes a dig at himself saying, “This time, I am not the one who is responsible for the show going off air.”

Kiku Sharda, Bharti Singh, Sumona Chakravarti and Krushna Abhishek are here. All of them raise slogans to resume The Kapil Sharma Show. Kiku and Bharti are in their elements as they make fun of each other.

Kapil Sharma teases the next caller, Sarita, about her husband lying to her about his whereabouts. When Archana Puran Singh asks him to not create troubles for the couple, he says, “Meri biwi mujhe bahar nahi jaane deti, koi aur kyun jaaye (When my wife doesn’t allow me to go out, why should anyone else)”

Kapil Sharma’s next caller is a family from Jaipur. The comedian-actor jokes about how ladies have been quite annoyed with their husbands staying at home.

The next caller is a mother-daughter duo. They tell Kapil Sharma that they have been missing The Kapil Sharma Show. The lady on the call shared how during the lockdown she missed talking over the phone as her husband was always at home.

The Kapil Sharma Show host Kapil Sharma interacts with the audience over video call and asks them about their experiences during the lockdown. As people complain about the strict rules, Kapil applauds the work done by policemen to make sure that everyone stays safe from the spread of coronavirus.

Kapil Sharma jokes about how people have been cautious about leaving their houses even to buy groceries. He takes a dig at the wives who made sure their husband wear masks and gloves while going out to buy vegetables. But the benefit of the lockdown is people have started taking extra care of their health. 

The changes in people due to coronavirus pandemic are fodder for Kapil Sharma’s jokes.

Kapil Sharma teases Archana Puran Singh for doing nothing but only sitting and making videos on social media. Further, the comedian says how for the first time the word positive holds such negativity. He also talks about false beliefs around the spread of coronavirus. 

Kapil Sharma welcomes Archana Puran Singh and teases her for wearing a new dress which she took out only during the lockdown. He also takes a dig at her for using the sanitiser in abundance on the sets of the show.

The Kapil Sharma Show is back with new episodes. The episode begins with a peek at all the COVID-19 precautions on the sets of The Kapil Sharma Show.

The cast and crew of The Kapil Sharma Show resumed shooting from July 20, following all safety guidelines.

Archana had earlier said in an interview with indianexpress.com, “The production house and channel have taken utmost care to provide all kinds of safety measures. I get anxious sometimes and start pulling up people if I see anyone not following the rules. I was surprised that the team appreciated the same and has now asked me to keep a check. I also make sure I do my makeup, costume and hair from home and even drive all the way to the set myself. I can just hope that the only thing infectious on the set remains to be my laughter.”

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