WTF Wednesday: Team Kangana Ranaut calling Alia Bhatt a ‘dumb bimbo’ on her childhood pic and comparing it to that of Sushant Singh Rajput is the lowest ebb

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Comparing looks is something that we all thought has been left in a generation gone by (praising someone’s beauty is one thing, but drawing an analogy between beauty should certainly be a thing of the past), and comparing how two kids look is something that has been regarded as plain unacceptable in any generation. So, just imagine how low someone or a group of people have to go to not only compare how two toddlers look, but also spew venom and use the vilest of words on the picture of an innocent child. Well, that’s exactly what happened yesterday when Team Kangana Ranaut, the actress’ (so-called) official Twitter community, decided to ask netizens whether Alia Bhatt or Sushant Singh Rajput looked cuter as a kid, and even proceeded to use the meanest of terms to describe Alia’s adorable infant pic. Also Read – Koffee With Karan promo: Deepika Padukone and Alia Bhatt’s cute banter on Ranbir Kapoor raises your excitement for the episode – watch video

It so happened that Alia Bhatt shared an adorable black-and-white childhood photo, with the simple yet extremely meaningful caption of “spread love”, accompanied by a heart emoji, probably with the intention of spreading a little cuteness, nostalgia and positivity during such trying and negative times. Check out her post below: Also Read – Alia Bhatt organises a special screening of Raazi for deaf and mute students – view pics

But, as positive as you may try to be, negativity will always be just around the corner when someone hates your core for reasons best known to them. A user quickly saw the vile side in a beautiful pic, pointing out the amount of uplifting comments the post drew from the Bollywood fraternity, and bizarrely associating said comments with a callousness towards Sushant Singh Rajput’s tragic and untimely demise. Now a random user is just that — a random user — but Team Kangana Ranaut was quick to seize the opportunity, extrapolate her tweet and continue to unleash vitriol with the most disdainful words on an innocuous kiddie pic. Also Read – Kaam Chalu Bawa! Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh are excited as Gully Boy goes on floors – view pics

Sharing screenshots of both Alia and Sushant Singh Rajput’s childhood pics and the comments that followed them, the user wrote in two separate tweets: “Look at these Bollywood stars casually going gaga over Alia’s childhood photo, when the whole nation is grieving for Sushant. It’s their way of saying that they don’t give a damn about Sushant, his family and India’s public.” and “The same day Sushant’s sister posted a childhood pic of Sushant and shared old stories about him. No one from Bollywood gave a damn about it. He was just ignored like a nobody, similar to how he was treated when he was alive.”

Retweeting the first tweet, Kangana’s team wrote: “Yeh hai game of perception, inmein se ek ne bhi Shushant keliye justice nahin manga hai, aur aaj ek dumb bimbo ke photo pe sari industry utar aayi hai taaliyaan bajati hue, wah re industry (Not one of them have demanded justice for Sushant Singh Rajput, and today the entire industry is clapping for a dumb bimbo’s photo).”

In another tweet, the Manikarnika actress’ team tried insinuating how flippantly Bollywood treats an outsider’s murder: “कितना मामूली है outsider का खून यहाँ इस इंडस्ट्री में की आलिया भट्ट की फ़ोटो पे सुशांत की हत्या से ज़्यादा reaction आता है, वाह रे इंडस्ट्री वाह !!! (How ordinary is the blood of an outsider in this industry; Alia Bhatt’s photo gets more reaction than Sushant’s murder, wow).”

They didn’t stop there though, proceeding to spew more venom on Alia while crossing all limits, making a collage of hers and Sushant Singh Rajput’s childhood photos and asking people to decided who looks cuter among the two separate tweet, with the first one reading: “Filmi media is circulating dumb alia’s kid pictures & all A listers are hailing her cuteness, is this a way of white washing her criminal father and her own insensitive approach to outsiders ?” and the next going as, “Let’s decide who’s cuter! Dumb 10th fail non actor alia or genius Physics Olympiad winner genuinely good actor Sushant? are we going to get likes from filmi A listers ? Let’s see.”

How much hate and envy and restlessness and negativity must be filled in some people for them to stoop so low? How can such people ever be at peace and who in their right mind can be around such people? “Disgusting” doesn’t even begin to describe what just went down here.

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