Shreyas Iyer, after being nominated by Indian opener Rohit Sharma, shared a video on his Instagram story completing the “Keep It Up” challenge. The middle-order batsman gave his own twist to the challenge as he began by juggling a tennis ball on his bat handle. However, as the video progressed Iyer made it difficult for himself by switching bat positions but eventually managed to successfully juggle the ball on the front, side and back of his bat. “Thank you for the challenge Rohit bhai. I would further like to nominate Abhishek Nayar, Shardul Thakur and Siddhesh Lad. Let’s see if you can do it better than this,” Iyer said.

With country currently under the fourth phase of coronavirus lockdown, several prominent cricketers, including Yuvraj Singh, Sachin Tendulkar and Anil Kumble have all participated in this challenge, pledging to stay at home as long as it takes and follow the government’s safety guidelines.

Yuvraj was among the first cricketers to participate in this challenge and he further nominated Sachin Tendulkar, Rohit Sharma and Harbhajan Singh.

Since then, everyone has been trying to make the challenge even more interesting by giving it their own twists.

After being nominated by Yuvraj, batting legend Sachin Tendulkar aced the challenge with a blindfold and challenged the left-hander back.

In reply, acknowledging that he challenged the “wrong legend” Yuvraj said that he might need a week to complete this task.

“I knew I challenged the wrong legend ! This might take a week il try,” Yuvraj left a comment on Tendulkar’s post.

Former India coach Anil Kumble, in absence of a bat, completed the challenge by juggling the ball on his hand, while Ajinkya Rahane juggled a pink ball on the side of his bat.

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