Paatal Lok's Gul Panag Currently Looks Like This (After 5 Weeks Of Work-Out, Managing House, Baby And Work From Home)

Gul Panag shared this photo (courtesy gulpanag )


  • “Firstly, I exercise for sanity. Not vanity,” wrote Gul Panag
  • She shared a few photos of her toned mid-riff on Instagram
  • Gul Panag also shared details of her work-out routine on Instagram

New Delhi:

Actress Gul Panag, who stars in the recently released Amazon Prime web-series Paatal Lok, has been sharing glimpses of her work-out routine on her Instagram stories. Finally on Monday, she wrote about finding time to exercise between managing the house and working from home in two lengthy posts. Gul Panag wrote that the “when and where” of exercising is not important “because a small work-out is better than no work-out.” The 41-year-old actress is often spotted doing push-ups in the kitchen, in between preparing meals, and also in the bedroom. Taking about fitness, Gul Panag wrote: “It appeared to be an insurmountable challenge to get anything done on that front in the early days. House, baby, two dogs. And work from home. But challenges it turns out are a good thing. Over the last five odd weeks I’ve grown fitter, stronger and leaner. Resting heart rate is back to 49-50 after a long time.”


Screenshot of Gul Panag’s Instagram story

“Firstly, I exercise for sanity. Not vanity. It helps me deal with all that I have to do better,” she added. Gul Panag’s work-out routine includes high intensity exercises, push-ups, 100 surya namaskaars and “I try and do 100 floors (11 story building 9 times + 1 floor) once a week.” Gul Panag, mother of two-year-old son Nihal, wrote: “I exercise in the bedroom with my son trying to join/prevent me.” She added: “Having a spouse equally committed helps. We push each other on days when one doesn’t feel like exercising.” Gul Panag, a former Miss India, married her longtime boyfriend Rishi Attari in March 2011.

Gul Panag, who is mostly eating homemade pasta, veggies and delicious stuff made in her kitchen, had to add this disclaimer: “I had folks ask me how did I get fitter with all that I’m eating (duly chronicled in my stories – more for me really). Well, it’s not what you eat, but how much of it you eat. But more on that later.

Gul Panag also became a pilot like her husband in 2016. In Paatal Lok, she plays the role of a housewife named Renu, who is the wife of a worn-out Delhi cop played by Jaideep Ahlawat.

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