Amit Shah said speculation about his health will only make him stronger (File)

New Delhi:

Home Minister Amit Shah today tweeted to say he is healthy and not suffering from any disease, dismissing recent rumours on social media about his health. “I want to make it clear that I am completely healthy and do not suffer from any disease,” the Home Minister wrote.

The 55-year-old home minister said for the last few days, some people on social media have been spreading rumours about his health. “In fact, many have tweeted even wishing for my death,” he said.

Mr Shah said with the country fighting the coronavirus pandemic, that has affected nearly 60,000 people and killed more than 1,900, he did not pay attention to these rumours as he was busy performing his duties as the home minister. He said he was clarifying today because lakhs of BJP workers have expressed concern over the last two days.

The Home Minister, taking a jibe at those spreading rumours, said such speculation about his health will only make him stronger. “I request people to stop indulging in such talks and let me do my work, they should also go about their business,” he added.

Amit Shah thanked well-wishers and workers of the BJP for enquiring about his health. He signed off by saying he has no hatred towards those who spread the rumours.

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