Playing hooky, Houdini-style, with the help of harmonics: Of escapism and other escapades😊

Had he been around today, the legendary Harry Houdini who, shackled in chains, locked in a chest, and submerged underwater, would magically extricate himself to the delight of spectators, might well have found himself playing second fiddle, in more ways than one. Following the dramatic exfiltration of corporate honcho Carlos Ghosn from Japan – where he faces charges of financial misconduct – concealed in a container of audio equipment, a new fad is sweeping the country. People are posting selfies showing them contorted to fit into cases of various musical instruments, ranging from a double bass to a harpsichord. Though a Japanese music company has struck a warning note that such cases are meant to accommodate harmonic instruments and not humans, “playing Ghosn” continues to be a popular pastime in the Land of the Rising Sony.

Closer to home, our own `wilful defaulters’ have had recourse to pulling strings other than those attached to violins to do a moonlight flit, leaving behind a chorus of creditors. Indeed it might well be argued that those planning to evade the long arm of the law would be well advised to orchestrate their clandestine departure without a needless blowing of one’s trumpet. However in the game of musical chairs played in a political realm which is subject to what might be called coalitional dharna those desirous of marching to a different drum and switching camps have often to be secreted away to safe houses till the countdown to government formation. Such `escape’ artistes might be tempted to jump on the Ghosn-style bandwagon and all that jazz.

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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