Khao Piyo Kuch Naya Karo

The journey of personal growth doesn’t happen overnight. It requires patience and commitment to be on this path. This travel actually begins from within our mind. Once an individual is empowered to take care of mind, he/she gets the fuel to walk a million more miles on the path to prosperity. What we think about ourselves decide the direction in which we travel and also the milestones which we arrive at!

I usually mention in my seminars that there are two types of people on this earth. One is KPM category, and the other is the KPKNK breed. 

KPM stands for “Khow Piyo Maro” (Eat Drink and Die)! This type of human being is least bothered about growth or development. All that is of concern for such people is existence! These are the ones who do not get the enlightenment to rise beyond the basic needs of humankind. KPM type of people usually follow a standard routine in life. They do earn their livelihood and perform all their social obligations. However, such people typically miss out on a specific purpose in life.  They do not aspire for recognition, nor ever walk an extra mile to make a difference. As such, their name on this earth vanishes with their breath!

The other category of people, I have categorized is KPKNK, i.e. Khao Piyo Kuch Naya Karo, which means ‘eat drink but do something different’! These are the ones who are in a constant quest for creation. All the scientific, social and spiritual development on this planet can be directly attributed to KPKNK club members! These people are diehard optimistic and do not surrender to bottlenecks easily. They have a strong belief in themselves which becomes the vital fuel for growth and glory. One distinct quality of KPKNK people is their uncanny longing for consistent self-development.  

Growth happens when we get into the mindset of a continuous self – transformation. Since the world dynamics are changing every moment, what you are thinking ‘now’ might become irrelevant in your ‘next now’! The need is to live in the available ‘now’ with fullness and pack our today with satisfaction. Simultaneously, one should keep an eye towards the tomorrow with unlimited hope and solidarity. The KPKNK mindsets are the ones who run a marathon in life, not a sprint! The secret to evolution and personal growth is to stay in the game as long as possible! The more a person gets devoted to self-development, the more he/she gets translated into a happier and better-fulfilled individual– in short, a KPKNK type of human being!

Friends, it’s a good idea to do a self-check and find out the type of person you are. In case you think you are in the KPKNK club, all that you need to do to achieve greatness is to continue being so. Just ensure that action never gets overpowered by anxiety or distraction!

However, for those who might find themselves in the KPM segment, you have great possibilities ahead. The best part of being in this segment is the fact that you know what parameters in your personality needs to be addressed. Once you take specific actions to upgrade, it becomes effortless to shift into the KPKNK category. Surprisingly, this shift can happen overnight, even in moments!

To make this change over possible, I researched KPKNK type of personalities in my social circle. The idea was to identify those specific qualities which make these people different. I observed that the majority of those in this group of empowered performers demonstrated specific shared characteristics. 

Through this column, I have enlisted the top twenty such traits which are found in KPKNK personalities. I suggest the reader go through every sentence thoughtfully and see if you can relate with it. If yes, move to the next. If no, resolve to change and upgrade on the identified area of importance. 

Here is the list of top 20 KPKNK type of people:

  • They are selfless and empathetic
  • They have a definite purpose in life
  • They consider competition as a boon and not a threat
  • They put their goals above the desire for money
  • They take the initiative and make a difference
  • They do not crave for external motivation
  • They inspire change and challenge status-quo
  • They demonstrate boundless energy and grit
  • They love nature and care for it
  • They practice meditation and learn to be mindful
  • They practice honesty and self-discipline
  • They speak truth to themselves
  • They believe in taking wise actions
  • They speak only when they are sure to make a difference
  • They never get into negative self-talk
  • They never encourage indiscipline
  •  They are peaceful, never get angry
  • They are excited about life but do not experience anxiety
  • They are thoughtful and caring
  • They dedicate a part of their daily routine for self-development

DISCLAIMER : Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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